Certifications and Other Stuff

I love learning new things and exploring new platforms and technologies. Occasionally I go down a rabbit hole and end up with a certification for a particular area of study. I have listed several of them below. These represent hours of joyful learning and practicing to master a skill.

WiCyS Security Training Scholarship Tier 3 Participant (semi-finalist)

• Completed Tier 3 (semi-finals) and ranked among the top 100 out of 1,400 participants.
• Excelled in SANS Ranges CTF and CyberStart Events
• Completed Haystack’s CyberGen IQ aptitude assessment

Introduced to and Began Working Toward Proficiency in the Following Skills:

Access Protocols: SSH Use

Data Structures: File Analysis, Data Extraction, File Manipulation

Software Testing: Debugging, Code Analysis, Code Logic and Control

Analytics Methods: URL Manipulation, Network Analysis, Memory Forensics, Hashing, Brute Forcing, String Manipulation, Disk Forensics, Steganography Analysis, Registry Analysis, OSI Research, Email Forensics, Reverse Engineering

Security Mindset: Encoding/Decoding, Command Line Use, Social Engineering, Cryptography, Encryption/Decryption, Browser Dev Tools, Coding (general programming skills), Password Security Abuse